Vacation rentals in
Saint-Brévin l'Océan

And here is a list of possible activities to also do in the area, around our vacations rentals :

Sports in Saint-Brévin :

Sea Kayaking
Sand yachting
Bike rental and rosalies
Swimming pool
Ecological rink
Pornic adventure

Relaxation or discovering activities in Loire-Atlantique :

Casino in Saint-Brévin
Spa of casino
Cinéma complex in Saint-Brévin
Spa in Pornic
"Planète sauvage" in Port Saint-Père (at 40 mns)
Océarium in Croisic (at 40 mns)

Shows and events :

Theater "Le brévinois"
International fireworks festival in late August in Saint-Brevin
Festival "Côté mer" world music, July and August in Saint-Brevin
"Fête de la moule", early August in Saint-Brevin
Festival of the Sea in late July in Pornic
The veils of tradition, early August in Pornic

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